3:45 PM15:45

Come with me, to the Land Faraway: A discussion of novels set in Asia

Room Broadway III/IV: [Janie Chang, Elsa Hart, Weina Dai Randel; moderator: Kevan Lyon]

Novels with Asian settings are increasingly popular with readers and publishers alike. How do authors craft and research novels with Asian — or other unfamiliar — settings? In this panel, authors of fiction set in Asia will offer tips and tactics drawn from their personal inspirations and research methods, while providing insights about avoiding stereotypes, the use of foreign languages in fiction, and blending historical fiction with other genres, such as mystery and paranormal.

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10:30 AM10:30

Meet the author, at the St. Louis Art Museum Members Book Club

Elsa visits the St. Louis Art Museum Members Book Club to discuss her second novel, The White Mirror. The Saint Louis Art Museum's 2015 exhibition Facets of the Three Jewels: Tibetan Buddhist Art came at a key time as Elsa was working on this book, in which Li Du investigates the death of a reclusive painter.


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